Molly Goldstein
Toby's eleven years as an only child happily ended in 1989 with the birth of Toby's little sister Molly. As Molly has grown from an adorable kid to an incredibly sweet teenager, Toby has loved spending as much time with her as possible. Molly is a great partner for karaoke, saxophone duets, traveling the world, and hanging out at home. She is currently a freshman at Niles North High School in Skokie, Illinois.

Scott McHenry
Matt's brother Scott (and his twin, Leigh Ann) joined the McHenry clan two years after Matt. Scott is a great opponent for backyard football and basketball games, and played soccer with Matt in high school. These days, Scott keeps Matt appraised of the latest developments with the Cleveland Browns, as well as giving pointers on poker strategy. Scott went to the University of Cincinnati, and now works in Cincinnati.

Leigh Ann McHenry
Toby met Matt's sister for the first time in 2003 when Leigh Ann provided crash space at her apartment in Cleveland. Ever since, Leigh Ann has been welcoming not only with her hospitality, but with making Toby feel like family. From playing games, to hiking outdoors, to having great conversations about careers and relationships, Toby couldn't have hoped for a better sister-in-law.

Tom Sweterlitsch
Matt and Tom have known each other since before high school. They became friends in Latin class at GlenOak high school, and managed to find all sorts of interesting things to do after midnight in Canton. They continued their friendship at Carnegie Mellon University, and both stuck around Pittsburgh after graduation. Matt was in Tom's wedding in October 2003.

Shayne Berkow
Toby and Shayne have been friends for almost a quarter of a century. Since they were toddlers, they've shared toys, holidays, camp, classes, family vacations, good times and bad. They grew up together and have stayed close over the years and distance. Shayne currently lives in Chicago, Illinois.

Guy Bialostocki
Matt and Guy met freshman year of college in the infamous D-tower lounge of Doherty apartments. They were roommates in Doherty the next year, and wrote an operating system the following year. Guy stuck around in Pittsburgh a few years after college, but eventually answered the siren call of Idaho. He'll soon be starting a new job at Amazon, in Seattle.

Rina Rothmann
Toby and Rina became instant friends when Toby moved to Skokie, Illinois for junior high. Maybe it was their curly hair, or their active imaginations, or their boy-crazy conversations, but whatever it was, they bonded and they've been good friends ever since. Rina currently lives in Coralville, Iowa.

Troy Stich
Matt also met Troy in the Doherty lounge. They were roommates for two years during college, and kept each other distracted from studying with epic battles of Tetris Attack. Troy is working on his PhD in Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Matt was in Troy's wedding in October 2003.

Mom and Dad

We'd like to thank our parents for everything they've done for us. They have given both of us a wonderful foundation in life, and have made us each feel at home with the other's family.