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2024: The year ...
2023: The year ...
2022: The year Isaac started high school
2021: The year of Isaac's bar mitzvah, Margaret's dragon, and Eleanor starting kindergarten
2020: The year we stayed home
2019: The year of home improvement
2018: The year we turned 40
2017: The year Margaret started kindergarten
2016: The year Eleanor was born
2015: The year we got pregnant again
2014: The year Margaret started preschool
2013: The year Isaac started kindergarten
2012: The year Margaret was born
2011: The year we got pregnant again
2010: The year we became an aunt and uncle
2009: The year Isaac learned to walk and talk
2008: The year Isaac was born
2007: The year we got pregnant
2006: The year we bought a house
2005: The year we got married
2004: The year we got engaged
2003: The year we dated
2002: The year we met
2000: The year we graduated
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